Lip Swatches

I am currently revamping this page. I'll be adding more and more swatches and updating some. Bare with me. I have also decided to alphabetize the swatches and add finishes.

LE= Limited Edition

These are my naked lips.

MAC Lipsticks

Angel- Permanent, Frost

Asian Flower- Permanent, Sheen Supreme

Bare Again- Permanent, Sheen Supreme

Beachbound- LE from To The Beach (2010) , Glaze (I no longer own this and can't re-swatch)

Betty Bright- LE from Archie's Girls (2013), Satin

Blue Blood- LE from Antiquitease: Finery (2007), Lustre

Bombshell- Permanent, Frost

Candy Yum Yum- Permanent, Matte

Chatterbox- Permanent, Amplified Creme

Crazee- LE from Cult of Cherry (2008), Frost

Daddy's Little Girl- LE from Archie's Girls (2013), Satin

Dodgy Girl- LE from Osbournes (2014), Matte

Everhip- LE from Fashion Flower (2011), Cremesheen

Flash-N-Dash - LE from Fafi (2008), Glaze

Full Fuchsia- Pro, Amplified Creme

Full Speed- Permanent, Sheen Supreme

Fun 'N' Sexy- LE from Fafi (2008), Glaze

Fusion Pink- Pro, Amplified Creme

Girl About Town- Permanent, Amplified Creme

Goddess of the Sea- LE from Alluring Aqua (2014), Cremesheen

Happy-Go-Lucky - LE from Playland (2014), Amplified Creme

Head in the Clouds- LE from Playland (2014), Frost

 Heartless- LE from Venomous Villains (2010), Amplified Creme

Hibiscus- LE from Surf Baby (2011), Cremesheen

 Hot Gossip- Permanent, Cremesheen

How Darling!- LE from Stroke of Midnight (2013), Cremesheen 

I Like It Like That- LE from In the Groove (2010), Cremesheen

Impassioned- Permanent, Amplified Creme

 Impressive- Permanent, Sheen Supreme

 Insanely It- Permanent, Sheen Supreme

Kelly Yum Yum- LE from Osbournes (2014), Satin

Kissable- Discontinued, Slimshine

Lavender Whip- LE from Baking Beauties (2013), Cremesheen

 Love Forever!- Permanent, Pro Longwear Lipcreme

 Love Goddess- LE from Marilyn Monroe (2012), Satin

Lovelorn- Permanent, Lustre

 Mangrove- LE from Proenza Schouler (2014), Matte

Milan Mode- Permanent, Lustre

Mystical- LE from Alluring Aqua (2014), Cremesheen

Naughty Saute- LE from Shop Mac Cook Mac (2012), Cremesheen

 New York Apple- Permanent, Frost

Night Blooming- LE from Taste Temptation (2012), Mattene

 Night Rose- Permanent, Pro Longwear Lustre Lip Colour

Night Rose with the Lustre Gloss

Outrageously Fun- LE from the Glamour Daze (2012), Cremesheen

Party Parrot- LE from Strength (2013), Matte

Peachstock- Pro/LE, Satin (I no longer own this and can't re-swatch)

Petals & Peacocks- LE from Give Me Liberty of London (2010), Amplified Creme

Pheromonal- LE from Moody Blooms (2014), Sheen Supreme

Pink Friday- LE from Black Friday (2010), Satin

 Pink Nouveau- Permanent, Satin

 Pink Pearl Pop- Permanent, Cremesheen + Pearl

Pink Pigeon- LE from Iris Apfel (2011), Matte

Pinkfringe- LE from Proenza Schouler (2014), Satin

Playland- LE from Playland (2014), Frost

 Playtime- LE from So Supreme (2013), Sheen Supreme

Playtime- LE from Quite Cute (2011), Cremesheen

Pleasure Bomb- LE from RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday (2013), Matte

Private Party- LE from Divine Night (2013), Satin

 Raspberry Swirl- LE from Baking Beauties (2013), Cremesheen

Rebel- Permanent, Satin

Red Balloon- LE from Playland (2014), Amplified Creme

 RiRi Woo- LE from RiRi Hearts MAC 2013, Retro Matte

Romancin'- LE from Adoring Carmine (2008), Lustre

Ronnie Red- LE from Archie's Girls (2013), Matte

Ruling Class- LE from Antiquitease: Finery (2007), Frost

 Russian Red- Permanent, Matte

Saigon Summer- Permanent, Cremesheen + Pearl

Sail La Vie- LE from Hey Sailor (2012), Satin

 Sci-Fi-Delity - LE from Neo Sci-Fi (2008), Frost

 Show Orchid- Pro/Permanent, Amplified Creme

Silly- LE from Fashion Sets (2013), Matte

Spiceflower- LE from Graphic Garden (2009), Amplified Creme

Spitfire- LE from Wonder Woman (2011), Satin

 Strayin'- LE from Hello Kitty (2009), Frost

Sunny Seoul- Permanent, Cremesheen + Pearl

Sushi Kiss- Permanent, Satin

Sweet Experience- LE from Playland (2014), Amplified Creme

Thrills- LE from To The Beach (2010), Frost

To Swoon For- LE from Adoring Carmine (2008), Glaze

 Toxic Tale- LE from Venomous Villains (2010), Satin

Toying Around- LE from Playland (2014), Amplified Creme

 Ultra Darling- Permanent, Sheen Supreme

Up The Amp- Permanent, Amplified Creme

Vegas Volt- Permanent, Amplified Creme

Viva Glam Gaga- LE (2010), Lustre

 Viva Glam Nicki- LE (2012), Satin

Viva Glam Nicki 2- LE (2013), Amplified Creme

Viva Glam Rihanna, LE (2014), Frost

 Who's That Chick- LE from RiRi Hearts MAC (2013), Frost

Zen Rose- Permanent, Sheen Supreme

OCC Lip Tars

Hoochie (I no longer own this and can't re-swatch)


Lime Crime Lipsticks

D'Lilac (I no longer own this and can't re-swatch)





 Pink Lyric




Iced Honey


Pink In Paris (Rouge Volupte Shine)

Lip Glosses Various Brands
 Smile Dazzleglass (MAC)

Impossibly Sweet Lipglass (MAC)

Mall Madness Lipglass (MAC)

Golden Gloss #3 (YSL)

Give Me More Lip 2013

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Dolce

 Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Nylon Nude

 Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Bare Naked

Buxom Full On Lip Cream in White Russian

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