Friday, April 19, 2013

MAC Newbies! (Baking Beauties & Haley Williams)

Initially I was extremely taken by the pictures from the Baking Beauties collection. They were so freaking cute! But once I started looking at the products I really wasn't that impressed. The only things that caught my eye were the lipsticks. I knew that I had to have Raspberry Swirl. After looking at swatches of the old formula for Lavender Whip, I wasn't that set on getting it. It was a little too cool toned for me. When I finally saw the collection online, I immediately put Raspberry Swirl in my cart. Then I decided to get 2 Lavender Whips. I would keep one for myself if I liked it and I planned on selling the other. I also decided to pick up the Lightscapade MSF that was rereleased with the Haley Williams collection. My thoughts and swatches are below!