Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sigma Brushes + I Met MakeupByTiffanyD!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to a meet & greet for YouTube beauty guru MakeupByTiffanyD. She was at the grand opening of the Sigma Store at the Mall of America. When I first heard about Sigma, I had no idea that they were a Minnesota company. It's so awesome to have them in state. The store was so pretty! They had so many products that I had never even heard about. The event was small but very nice. There were some desserts including macarons, waters, and free giftbags. Tiffany took pictures with everyone, but there were giant lights on both sides of her. Needless to say, the cell phone pictures didn't turn out well. Luckily the Sigma photographer also took a picture of me and my sister. Tiffany's blog also has four pictures of the back of my head too. lol

Monday, January 7, 2013

Amazing Nail Polish Shelf + Nail Polish Savings

I recently watched xSparkage's makeup room tour (which is amazing by the way) and she had the most amazing nail polish shelves with unique features. These shelves had a step up on each shelf to hold twice as much polish. They were also very well put together and solid, unlike the acrylic shelves that many people have. These particular shelves were $150 a pop. I was not convinced that I needed to pay that much, so I had my dad build custom shelves. My design has seven shelves instead of six and a cute little railing suspended on each level.

Sephora also had some great deals on nail polish recently. They had a promo of 20% off of all sale items. So I bought three different nail polish value sets.

Recent Purchases (MAC & Urban Decay)

I've got a few new beauties to show you guys. I accumulated a few items over Christmas and from using gift cards and Christmas money. MAC came out with like a billion collections, but I only got a lipstick and mineralized skin finnish. I also picked up a couple of other lipsticks and with a gift card I got an Urban Decay fillable palette. Lip swatches are coming soon.