Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kat Von D True Romance Palette in Truth

I got this palette because it was on sale on I thought it would be nice because of my green eyes. The pigmentation is a little off on some of the colors. Also, the staying power on a couple is really weak as well. The colors together are really unique and worth a shot if you like those colors. I still need to test it more before I would recommend it to anyone. So we shall see...


  1. I bought the same one. I have a soft spot for Kat Von D palettes.

  2. I saw this on sale too, I was going to get it because the colors look really pretty but from your swatches I'm not super impressed and kinda glad I didn't! I'm sure you'll be able to work with them though!

  3. Yeah, I was excited to try it because I don't have any other Kat Von D palettes, but it definitely wasn't what I expected. I don't see myself reaching for this a whole lot.