Saturday, July 9, 2011

tarte for TrueBlood Palette

I HAD to get this palette when I saw it on Sephora's website. Especially since I missed out on the UD Alice in Wonderland one. It has 17 shadows and an eye primer, mascara, and eye liner. So it was well worth the $52. There is a wide variety of colors so you can do many different looks with it. The pigmentation of the shadows vary. The swatches of the lighter ones don't really so up as well on my skin since I'm so pale, but they are decently pigmented. I was a little disappointed with the darker colors. The colors didn't really come out how they look in the palette. I was really excited to try Nocturnal, Immortal, "V", and Glamour Me, but they let me down. However, Bayou, Waitress, The True Death, and Telepath are really nice. The True Death has probably the most pigmentation out of any of the shades. I went on with almost like a mirrored finish. It is definitely the most pigmented silver shadow I've come across. Needless to say, I can't wait to start using this palette and hopefully I'll have a look or two for you guys coming soon!

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