Thursday, May 3, 2012

Everybody loves FREE!

So yesterday I arrived home to some awesome free samples that came for me in the mail. (And when I say free samples I mean ones that I sought out myself not ones that companies sent me to review.) I take every opportunity that I can to get free stuff. I LOVE getting free stuff. I always sign up for free birthday lists and sometimes I'm just in the right place at the right time. Recently I started checking out free sample blogs that update everyday with new opportunities for free samples. Sometimes there is some really good ones. Like these ones that came yesterday.

First up is the Target Spring beauty bag. All I had to do was enter my shipping info on Target's website and they sent this cute little bag with some pretty decent samples. Nice little travel-sized samples of Nivea Extended Moisture lotion, Pantene for color treated hair conditioner, Neutrogena Visibly Bright moisterizer, and a pack of Simple facial cleansing cloths. They also included a small sample of the Loreal Magic Lumi primer and some coupons.

The other amazing package I got was from *drum roll please* Mario Badescu! I was so excited to try their products for free. I've always wanted to try they're products, but their too expensive to buy em if I don't like em. So basically you go to this website: Then you fill out their skin care questionaire. They pick out products that would work best for you skin and they give you the option to buy them or get free samples. They sent 7 samples, in nice packaging with a letter, a catalog, and a guide on exactly how to use your specific products.
I got: Strawberry Face Scrub, Enzyme Cleansing Gel, Special Cucumber Lotion, Flower & Tonic Mask, Collagen Moisturizer,  Seaweed Night Cream, and Ceramide Eye Gel.

I also received a free laundry pod, cereal, and k-cups recently. To show you just how much of a free sample feind I am, here is a picture of all of my free beauty samples.

So in short, get free stuff any and everywhere you can!

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