Saturday, May 26, 2012

Birthday Haul!

It's that time again! My 21st birthday was this past Sunday 5/20. Thought I would share some of my gifts with you guys. I of course got a few bottles of adult beverage. My mom gave me a blender that I still need to play with. And here are the rest of the goodies.

 I bought this Coach purse and coin pouch (Cuz it was SO cute!) for myself as a treat.

 My mom got me this drinky thingies. Haven't tried em yet, but we'll see.

 My sister got me these DVDs to add to my collection. Love me some TV on DVD!

 This is a combination of what my friends got me & my sister.

My sister was kind enough to buy me 3 MAC lipsticks (Ultra Darling, Insanely It, & Girl About Town), a prolongwear lip color, a dazzleglass in Smile, and my very first YSL Golden Gloss!

 Girl About Town

 Insanely It

 Night Rose Prolongwear Lipcolor w/out gloss

 Night Rose Prolongwear Lipcolor w/ gloss

 Smile Dazzleglass

 Ultra Darling

YSL Golden Gloss #3

Overall I had a wonderful birthday and I am thankful for my gifts.


  1. love love love loveeeee house!
    so sad it ended ;(
    please check my blog out!

    1. I know! It was an amazing 8 years. I totally cried when it ended. But I'll be sure to check out your blog! Thanks for stopping by!