Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My MAC Powders Collection

I've got to say out of all of my MAC items, my powders are by far the most collectable. I don't really use them all that often and I buy them sometimes just for the packaging. Someday I intend to use them all up, but it will take some time. I do however use my mineralize skinfinishes as highlighters frequently.  I've never had any issues with MSFs and color payoff. I would also just like to rant a little bit about these products. MAC puts out tons of these LE powders knowing that people (like me) will buy them no matter what. However, a lot of them turn out to be duds. The beauty powders and the high light powders can be really not very good. The oversprays kill me because they get your hopes up and then they're immediately ruined after a few uses. But any ways... Here is my collection.

Lightscapade I bought recently. It's limited edition, but they re-release it all the time. I would highly recommend it as a great highlight.

 Forever Marilyn is a beauty powder released with the Marilyn Monroe collection in 2012. It's a very light sheer powder. I use it as a setting powder, but mostly just on my cheeks under blush and highlight.

 Tahitian Sand is another beauty powder released with the Hello Kitty Collection in 2008. I was not into makeup at this time (and wouldn't have had the money) so I didn't get anything from that collection. I was super bummed when I found out about it later because I'm OBSESSED with Hello Kitty. I was however able to acquire this through a makeup swap. It more or less blends to nothing on my skin. I'll be using this probably under  peachier blushes.

What A Dame! is a high light powder from the Dame Edna collection in 2008. I believe I bought this on All Cosmetics Wholesale. The downside to this one is that the highlight is mostly just an overspray. Underneath it's basically just another beauty powder with little shimmer. It sucks because the overspray was so pretty!

Crew is a highlight powder that was released with the Hey Sailor collection in 2012. This product I had honestly never even swatched before I decided to make this post. I was too afraid to mess it up! And that's exactly what happened the first time I swatched it. The colors start to blend on top of the white so the solid lines blur. The good part (I think) is that the colors aren't just an overspray, and if they are, they go a little deeper. Mixed together this product is actually a really pretty blush color.

L to R: Lightscapade, Forever Marilyn, Tahitian Sand, What A Dame!, and Crew

Whisper of Guilt is an Extra Dimension Skinfinish released with the first In Extra Dimension collection in 2012. It's a gorgeous rose gold highlighter. It's such a unique product in my collection. The color and the texture are so nice. You don't need a whole lot for a lovely effect.

Porcelain Pink is my oldest and most loved MSF. I bought it as a CCO. I think this one has been released a few times as well. It a lovely light pink with a gold sheen. It's a nice mix so it's not too gold or too pink. It's one of my favorite highlighters.

Briar Rose is a beauty powder released with the Venomous Villains collection in 2010. This is by far my favorite of the beauty powders that I own. It's the only one that I can wear on its own. This gives a lovely in from the cold look. It's not too overpowering, just a nice soft pink glow.

Veronica's Blush is a pearlmatte face powder released with the Archie's Girls collection this year. This one is pretty sheer. It takes a lot to build up color. Not totally terrible, but it needs to be worked with.

Flatter Me is a pearlmatte face powder released with the Archie's Girls collection this year. This powder is more pigmented than Veronica's Blush. I just don't use it that often. I think that it would work best if your using it in summer for a glow.

L to R: Whisper of Guilt, Porcelain Pink, Briar Rose, Veronica's Blush, and Flatter Me

Marine Life is a High Light powder from the MAC To The Beach collection released in 2010. This was one powder that EVERYONE and their mom wanted to get ahold of. It also was one of the powders with the infamous overspray. Before it was a beautiful golden seahorse with golden coral. Now there is just a tiny pinch of gold left since I've used it a bunch. This is a really fun summery blush. No idea why it's called a high light powder.

My Paradise is a Surf, Baby! Cheek Powder released with the Surf Baby! collection in 2011. It's a bright orange with a gold hibiscus flower. The overpray on this one is really deep. I have very minimal amounts of it that have rubbed off. I love this color! It goes great with all my orangey lippies.

Stereo Rose is an MSF that's been released a few times. This one has definitely had people clamoring for it. It's a gorgeous burnt coral color. It's a lovely shimmery cheek color.

Lust is an MSF released with the Tropical Taboo collection this year. I love the color of this one. It's a nice plummy color. The one thing that goes both good and bad for me is that this is easily the sparkliest MSF that I have. Depending on how I'm feeling I need to use a light hand because it can get out of control. I think this will be MAGIC in winter!

L to R: Marine Life (T to B Dark, Light, Mixed), My Paradise (T to B Dark, Light, Mixed), Stereo Rose, and Lust

Hibiscus Kiss is a powder blush duo released twice this year with the Riri Hearts MAC collection. I heard bad things about this product so I didn't buy it the first time it came out. Then when I saw the packaging of the Fall collection I decided to give it a try. I'm not sure if it got reformulated at all, but mine was pigmented enough for my liking. I can see how people would say that it might be better for lighter skin tones because it is a little light. I have yet to use it for practical purposes, but it swatched well.

Solar Riche is a bronzing powder released with the Style Warriors collection in 2009. I bought this at a CCO. I don't use it all that often because it reads a little orange on me. For that reason, I tend to use it more in the summer. I do love the bronzy gold animal print packaging. It was my first LE packaging MAC product. <3

 L to R: Hibiscus Kiss blush, Hibiscus Kiss bronzer, Hibiscus Kiss mixed, and Solar Riche

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