Friday, October 19, 2012

MAC x Marilyn Monroe Picks

I had to get some stuff from this collection! I love Marilyn! I had to call and buy my stuff over the phone and pick it up later since I knew it was gonna be crazy at the store. I'm glad I did cuz when I got there they told me every thing had sold out!

 I love the packaging! So classic and beautiful! Every box had a little kiss imprint on the inside. Super cute!

Forever Marilyn Beauty Powder

Forever Marilyn Beauty Powder (bottom) & Legendary Blush (top)

Forever Marilyn Beauty Powder (left) & Legendary Blush (right)
Forever Marilyn is very very light. It's hard to say how this would work on different skin tones. I just used it all over my cheeks under Legendary blush.

Legendary Blush

Legendary blush is a very light coral. The pay-off of the blush is really good on the cheek. I was very surprised considering the lightness of the hand swatch.

Preferred Blonde Eyeshadow

Preferred Blonde is a gorgeous shimmery champagne color. It's a lovely lid or highlight color.

Love Goddess Lipstick

This is a very deep red leaning pink lipstick. It did bleed a little when I wore it. I love the color, but would be careful with long wear.

(Sorry my swatches don't show up very well. The lighting gets crazy when I put the camera on my skin. Damn my pasty pasty skin!)

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